Encore du Temps Perfume Ad!

Client: self
Year: 2023
Music: Voyager

 Meo Fusciuni’s tea-scented perfume Encore du temps

                   Embark on an alluring journey through the aromatic universe of Meo Fusciuni's Encore du temps perfume! This advertising project captures the essence of this exquisite fragrance, where the delicate essence of tea intertwines with timeless elegance. I aimed to showcase the harmonious blend of aromatic nuances and delicate tea leaves in a cinematic celebration.  You will delve into a captivating narrative that celebrates the art of scent, evoking serene moments and sophistication through visuals inspired driven by the perfume's flavors.

                    I derived the context of the ad from the base, middle, and top notes of the perfume itself. From the moodboard to storyboard and styleframes, you will see where the inspirations come from as well as the makings of this ad from the initial steps. Enjoy!



Eight shots divided into  3  phases, representing the 3  different notes of the perfume.


Behind the scenes