Ad: Jelly Candy OOH

Client:  Jelly Candy
Year: 2024

                    This is a cool advertisement for Jelly Candy as a marking project in which there’s a mix between 2D and 3D elements and motion design.  Seeing the concept arts and ideas come to life is always mesmerising. I was responsible for the motions of all the flowers.  
The were procedurally modeled and set to start at a sad stage. Then they were simulated to rise and be joyful and stayed wiggling. I isolated different phases of the animation and tackled each separately by some Vellum simulations and tricks in Houdini. Glad to see the final results!    


(Breakdown coming soon!)

Studio: Freaky Motion
Concept: Hiep Nguyen
2D Motion Design: Hiep Nguyen
3D Artists: Hieu Le, Long Dang 
Look Development: Long Dang, Giang Nguyen
3D Motion Design: Huy Le
Compositing: Thuong Nguyen