Kerbal Space Program Cinematic

Client: Private Division
Year: 2022

                    Kerbal Space Program 2 cinematic is a captivating narrative the revolves around a group of intrepid individuals united by a singular dream: constructing the ultimate spaceship that defies the boundaries of possibility. I aimed to take the explosions, and smoke effects I was responsible for to the highest level of realism, then adding some exaggeration to take it a step further in enhancing viewer's awe.

                    The narrative unfolds amidst a backdrop of grandeur, where things blowing up and failed attempts is a test to resilience. Its stunning orchestral score is meticulously composed to elevate the emotional depth of each scene. Through the lens of the cinematic experience, viewers are taken on an emotional rollercoaster, experiencing the thrill of anticipation, where failure is merely a stepping stone on the path to greatness, and the triumphant crescendo of successful launches.