The Culprit & his Goals

Huy Le is a 3D Motion Designer & Houdini FX artist from HCMC, Vietnam, and currently base in Hanoi, Vietnam

He’s an avid climber, a chess enthusiast and a firm believer that ice-cream is best in cold weather. When not doing 3D, Huy climb rocks, reads books, wanders around taking photos, or if fancier, travels.

Huy’s artistic motto is fueled by dynamism, snappy motions, and natural elements. He strives to create cutting edge cinematic, conceptual or clean, minimalist motions and effects. 

Huy also enjoys learning new things and he shall dive into anything that broadens his knowledge. Visual Effects, the art that blurs the line between real and surreal, fascinated him. It takes at least 10000 hours to master a craft, and that is his goal for the near future. He works globally, and can do anything from 3D generalist to Motion Design to technical tasks.

Here are the hours that he managed to record:


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Reflector Entertainment
Private Division
Production of “Kingdom For The Planet Of The Apes”
Production of “Cocain Bear”
Production of “Mission Impossible - Dead Reckoning”
Million Volt Production